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Welcome To The Wombniversity

Immerse yourself in the Wombniversity School of Thought as you master personal and financial stability utilizing one of my online courses! Find valuable and important guidance on the path to inner and external abundance.  It doesn't matter whether you consider yourself spiritually woke or just finding your way, you can join me wherever you are.

NuUrban Rites:
A Daughter's Journey
Through Wombynhood

Today, you can be the illustrator and designer of what a healed up, fully realized wombyn looks like. Daughters are the wombyn of the future that we train . . . right now.

Reclaiming Your Rites:
Journey To Your Deep, Intimate Relationship

You know there is something inside of you that you just haven't tapped into.  It's that deep, intimate connection with yourself.  Give yourself permission to BE all of you.


The Rite of Sisterhood:
Empower Your Inner Conversation

What is your wombynhood worth?  It's time to HEAL THE INNER DAUGHTER, crack the "good daughter" mask and embrace a updated version of your self.

A Call To Expand With
My Gratitude Gift

I am grateful for you. To show my gratitude, I am gifting you with the practice that set me on my path to where I am today. It's one amazing AM ritual that you have to have in your self-care tool belt. So stop sitting around for hours debating with your mind. No more racing against imaginary people never quite getting to any sort of finish line. Just take this gratitude gift and immediately shift into the reality your want to live...


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It's about motivation. Motivation to heal, transform behavior, elevate consciousness & expand into the authentic you.