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Welcome To The Wombniversity

Immerse yourself in the Wombniversity School of Thought as you master personal and financial stability utilizing spiritual training centered around establishing a deep, intimate relationship with yourself! Find valuable and important guidance on your spiritual path to inner and external abundance.  Whether you consider yourself spiritually woke or just finding your way you are right where you need to be to expand into a profound quality of life.

Embrace The Shift

When you take the 7 Day Wombniversal Shift Online Course, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is safe to let go and move on.

What do you need to release? Blocks to abundance shift right out of your life with as little resistance as possible. As you realign, releasing emotional baggage clears your inner lens so that you can see what lies within and ahead. This is the moment that you fully connect to your deepest power source . . . infinite intelligence. Kick start instant manifestation as you show up for yourself for the next 7 days and beyond. So let’s begin the regeneration process.


S.I.M.A. Membership

The S.I.M.A. Membership is a monthly subscription platform that offers fresh, new, alignment content mixed with core lessons to assist you in mastering your abundance.  Each month I share exclusive content (including everything I’m practicing in real time) along with my signature tools, lectures and more. You’ll get regular emails from me plus a monthly, members-only, live training with me. 

All of this makes it seamless to consistently sustain your abundance while enhancing your personal spiritual practice! Feel abundantly connected every day!


4-Week Self-Paced

The Energetic Womb Modification Digital Course is an 4 Week course that magnifies every aspect of establishing a loving, gentle relationship with ones womb by overcoming the womb dis-ease blocking your abundance.

 It provides a beautiful container in which you can experience the process inner grooming. This self-paced course includes brand-new tools, a private community, guided activation and meditation videos, and much more. Clear judgment, heal wounds, release resentments and embody a peace that nothing can disturb!

Embrace Your Source Connected Womb!


Master Your Mind

Up-level your meditations in this 2-part guided activation series! In this divine alignment series I share ways to gain complete control of your mind, your light and your life.

Cultivate an inner sense of clarity, increase your intuition, deepen your awareness of and relationship with Infinite Intelligence.








Rite of Eldership

Transitions from one spiritual developmental stage to the next can be very challenging periods for all human beings.

In this 10-month training, you're offered authentic, truthful guidance on establishing and sustaining a spiritually empowering way of life that aims at awakening and fueling that deep, intimate relationship with yourself.

Create the habit of speaking from the heart-space by establishing a deep, intimate physical, emotional and spiritual relationship with yourself. Throughout the course, I share time tested and groundbreaking means to master the most useful years of your life for the high vibrational evolution of wombyn-kind and all that come forth through the womb.


A Call To Expand With
My Gratitude Gift

I am grateful for you. To show my gratitude, I am gifting you with the practice that set me on my path to where I am today. It's one amazing AM ritual that you have to have in your self-care tool belt. So stop sitting around for hours debating with your mind. No more racing against imaginary people never quite getting to any sort of finish line. Just take this gratitude gift and immediately shift into the reality your want to live...


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