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Wombniversity Enrollment Steps


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The WOMBNIVERSITY has open admission policy, which means when you're a high school graduate or non-graduate age 18 or older, you're in!

The first step for all new students — regardless of your womb goal — is to apply for admission to the WOMBNIVERSITY.

Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your Student Enrollment Packet and student services appointment information.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to all Wombniversity programs, including NuElder certificate program, & Spiritual Clarity Doula Apprenticeship Program, applicants must have invested in and currently working with the Spiritual Illumination Manifestation Manual,  be active members in the Spiritual Illumination Tribe Facebook Group, Like/ Follow R. Raminyah Ingram professional page and Instagram, received & completed the WOMBNIVERSITY Gratitude Gift.*

*Some programs have additional requirements


Online Learning

The WOMBNIVERSITY virtual learning campus allows you to participate in programs and events with our outstanding faculty, study with others who are passionate about this school of thought, and become part of our vibrant community no matter where you live or work or how your life is currently structured.

You’ll develop a deep, intimate relationship with yourself that illuminates your unique healing presence while learning a spiritual language that works for your life's objective. You reveal your authentic method of working with others that is relationship- centered and satisfies the universal urge of uniting with others.

You’ll thoughtfully redesign your RIGHT NOW reality and become part of an impressive lineage of cosmically aligned energy engineers. Join us!


How Do I Find Out More?

  • Explore our website for specific information about each of our programs
  • Attend an event in person or virtually
  • Contact the Office of  Admissions at [email protected]

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