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"When you understand that life's journey, who you were, are and will ultimately become begins with the woman who birthed you, you will begin to unlock unlimited spiritual healing power into your life."

R. Raminyah Ingram has created and authored two books teaching mothers, daughters and women in general how to harnass the power of their energetic evolution for their benefit. She is a global mind-shift coach, an appointed priestess, national speaker and mother of two.

Raminyah began the NuElder Initiative in 2012 which became the foundation of her first body of work  Urban Rites: Momma's Manual. She believes that sisterhood begins in the home between mother and daughter. That there is a way for women all over the world to bridge the inner divides that stop them from following the message buried inside of their hearts, recognize their gift and move past the feelings of being invisible and not good enough.

Her on-going study of metaphysics includes various modalities that support the vibrational elevation of womb consciousness within women. Raminyah  has complemented her spiritual knowledge base by furthering her studies to include quantum mechanics, guided imagery & meditation, chakra & meridian clearing & auric field renewal. 

"It's Time To Spiritually Evolve Into Your Legacy"


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